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Jason McDorne (Beta)
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Birthday :
July 9
Age :
Physical Description :
+ Cornrows with small silver-set gems on end
+ Widow's peak
+ Gold eyebrow piercing above left eye
+ Holes for eyebrow piercing on right eye
+ Earrings on both ears, three piercings on top, one on bottom
+ Holes for snakebite piercings on left side of lips
+ Very light tattoo lines on arms; Euchambersia on his left shoulder with Dunkleosteus underneath; Microraptor on right shoulder with Eoraptor underneath
+ White coat with tails that connect under butt; dark blue trim inside
+ Pink dress shirt, gold and ruby clasp
+ 2 gold rings, one emerald and gold ring, one sapphire and diamond silver ring, one coral ring, one amber and garnet gold ring
+ Silver belt with gold and inlaid silver buckle
+ Blue jeans
+ Kiwi bird tramp stamp
+ Brown dress shoes
Height :
Hometown :
Los Angeles, California
Catchphrase :
"I swear I'm not as lame as you think!"


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