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    Notes about our fallen students.

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    Antoine grew up with his older brother, Theo, mother, Clara, and father, Daniel. There was nothing truly abnormal about the household- his mom stayed home, his dad worked an office job, and he and his brother went to public school. His brother was 9 years older, attending high school while Antoine was in elementary school.
    In elementary school was generally successful as a student. He wore thick glasses, had braces, and was generally a pudgy kid, though not in an excessively round way. He kept mostly to himself, with one best friend- a girl named Kayla. He would be teased with usual elementary terms, such as "Four Eyes" and "Metal Mouth", but it never bothered him too much, with Kayla running to his rescue.
    It only began to bother him when everything fell apart. Theo began to berate him, after his airheaded dates would comment on his weird kid brother. Kayla was beginning to get teased often for hanging out with "a dork like him", and grew tired of it. Without realizing she was distressed, he tried to give her a flower hair clip one day, which she snapped, yelling about how she "didn't want to hang out with an ugly loser like him anymore." While it was just a fit of emotion, this harsh rejection by his only real friend hurt him. He decided then to reinvent himself, and never be rejected again.
    This inspired him to reshape himself to be what he felt everyone would find appealing- charming, attractive, funny, and such. He became a famous comedian, using his humor and star power to keep people interested in him, and still attended school as regularly as possible, keeping up his grades enough that teachers would appreciate his effort. When he would show animosity towards anyone, it was only because he was terrified that someone else would be stolen from him. He was manipulative so he could manipulate people into staying with him.

    -His Death-

    His outburst toward Monobear was aggression that he almost never showed previously. He was offended by his talking down of the talent that brought him some happiness and acceptance, but he was also fearful for the people he cared about- mostly Miranda, and even Jaden. The coldness he showed towards the men of his class was fueled by his desire to get closer to the girls, whom he always felt he had an easier time winning over. If he hadn't died, he may have found himself warming up to others and being polite will everyone, realizing that he would only be rejected by most of his peers for being a jerk like he was to Jaden.
    Rachel Kuva (Beta)
    Rachel Kuva (Beta)

    SHSL : Sports Broadcaster

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    Rachel, unbelievably, actually lived a pretty decent life. She was born and raised in San Francisco, California, where her father was a well-known local news anchor. Ever since she was a child, her and her mother (a wedding singer) would watch her father on the news. Rachel quickly picked up the habit of imitating his news voice. Her father enjoyed hearing it, and would give her little tips here and there to make it her own - and soon enough, it was.

    Rachel went to a nice private school. She was just about average in every class - solid B's or B+'s all around. Her parents were happy with that, because she was working her hardest and having fun as well.

    Rachel's bestest friend of all time was this kid named Ross Keane. To put it simply, they were just about literally inseparable. Their houses were right next door to each other and they were just about the same age, so they'd quite literally been having playdates since the day they were collectively old enough to walk. Rachel eventually became the signature loud one who spoke for the two of them with  Ross as the quiet sidekick who backed her up in just about everything. Ross didn't talk a lot, but when he did, he always had something interesting to say. They balanced each other out real well, basically.

    Middle school rolled around - well, their school went from grades 1 - 8, but they were in 7th at this point, so…it was middle school. By that point, Rachel and Ross were the best bros of all time. This is where it starts getting good - at this point, Rachel had started visiting her dad at work sometimes - and by visiting her dad at work, he'd wake up at 3am, beg him to take her to work, and after a few objections head off with him to the studio with a few promises that she wouldn't break anything. She quickly became popular around his workplace and they all joked that one day she was going to take his job. She'd go home and tell Ross about it and he'd get a kick out of it, agreeing with all of them - because, to be honest, she did have some kind of natural talent for that stuff.

    Now, some quick backstory about Ross: his parents were ordinary. Incredibly ordinary. They liked their neighbors, the Kuvas, and let Rachel come over when she wanted to, and they were just…average, average and ordinary. They only felt strongly about one thing, actually. Vaccines.  My god, did they hate vaccines.


    The school had something of a studio. It wasn't very extravagant - pretty badly constructed, actually, and only really there so they could put it down on paper to impress applicants - but they only let the older kids have access to it For Obvious Reasons. When Rachel was old enough to use it, she forced herself - and Ross, of course - into the Radio Club. Everyone in the club wasn't surprised in the least, and they were welcomed with relatively open arms - they all became friends really fast. Rachel decided that she liked the Radio kids - as did Ross. He could blab about music with any of them and they all either understood or could direct him to someone who did. Yeah, him and Rachel were inseparable, but she did not understand  the intricacies of music. At all.

    They ended up getting their own cute little program - they were allowed to do the morning news on Fridays for the school. This Was A Big Deal. They let the Cool Kids do the morning news, and the Cool Kids Only. They named their little show "Rachel & Ross in the Morning", and made up matching outfits to wear on Fridays…just for style, of course, since…it was a radio show.

    Obituaries Rach__10


    People actually liked it! It wasn't that bad of a show, after all. Rachel would do the news (and maybe focus on sports a little bit more than anything else, but hey, people liked it) and Ross would mix the audio - he'd pick the songs, make sure that when Rachel got excited she wouldn't start screaming and generally kept the quality of the show on an A+ level. Rachel, in essence, was the voice of the show, and Ross was in the in-studio set of ears to make sure it sounded halfway decent. People outside of the school heard - well, I say heard, but the school themselves found the show to be of such good quality that they promoted it a little bit - and were impressed. Rachel's father complimented her show one day, and that's when they knew they were on the track to greatness. They did that for a solid year. 8th grade rolled around, then. Winter was pretty rough, that year. Everyone was sick. Rachel managed to avoid it well enough, but…well, Ross got sick enough that he had to stay home. For a solid month. Rachel Was Not Happy. She heard very little of him in this time frame, just vague bits she collected from phone calls. Nothing sounded very good.

    "he's sick, very sick, we're not sure when he'll be able to come back soon…"

    "he's…he's in the hospital, they say it's…really bad, that we should have brought him sooner…"

    "…it's…measles, apparently?…they asked why he wasn't vaccinated, and I tried to explain…."

    "…he's coming home soon…yeah, don't mention it to Rachel…he's still learning…"

    One month later, when Ross was supposed to come back, winter break hit. It was…it was Christmas Eve, actually, the first time she saw him when he came back. Cool Christmas present! The Christmas party was at the Kuva household. They always had the Christmas party - they liked throwing it. They had a decently large house, so it was always packed and fun and a good time for everyone. When the Keane family walked in, Rachel just about tackled Ross to the ground in excitement. He was equally excited and hugged her back happily, but seemed a bit on edge for whatever reason.

    "Ross, it feels like I haven't seen you in, like, literal forever."

    He stared at her. Well, I mean, he stared at her lips. Not her eyes, like he normally would. They were on eye-contact friendship level.

    "Ross? Earth to Ross."


    "…this…this isn't funny, Ross, bud, what…"

    A hand on her shoulder, dragging her away. Ross hid behind his mother who quickly wrapped her arms around him and cooed at her son.

    Her dad was talking to her. "Rachel. Rachel, no one…no one…told you, did they?"

    "What are you talking about, what…"

    "Ross had measles, Rachel, that's…that's why he was out. It…Rachel, Ross lost his hearing. He’s deaf."

    "…oh. Oh, that’s…o-oh."

    …the rest of the night, Rachel and Ross sat in Rachel's room and rolled around the bed listlessly. It was the quietest anyone had ever seen the duo up until then. They talked by writing in notebooks for a while. Nobody yelled at them in class for passing notes. No one talked to them at all, actually. Slowly, very, very slowly and with grueling effort, the duo learned ASL, and things started returning to…some kind of normal. Fridays still felt weird, though. Obviously, Ross couldn't help with the show anymore, so Rachel did the show on her own with someone different helping her every week…whoever she could grab, really. Ross gave her his bowtie as a kind of…resignation. She wore it every Friday and put her old white one in her hair instead. The show was still pretty well known - not as much as before, and under a new name, but…it was still popular enough for Rachel to get the letter from Hope's Peak Academy.


    She was afraid. She was super, duper, ridiculously afraid to attend Hope's Peak. She was just very, very very good at hiding it. She was afraid about how Ross was gonna do on his own in the new private school he was going to attend. They promised to text each other like, every day after school and hang out often enough that they didn't forget each other's names. When Antoine died, she forgot about that real fast and started worrying about Keeping Herself Alive a lot more. When the motive, came, though? She remembered. She remembered real fast alright.

    On her bracelet, was, of course, Ross. He was sitting down in her room – not an unusual sight, they’d hang out all the time – and it was silent – once again, not unusual around him, for obvious reasons. But he was talking. He was saying something, and it vaguely looked like the word help, and even though the watches produced no sound, Rachel could hear him saying it perfectly. But Ross hated talking. He could still talk, but he couldn’t hear himself do it, so he ended up talking incredibly slowly and tumbled over his words – and he couldn’t use any words he hadn’t heard before going deaf out loud. So he didn’t and used ASL instead. If Ross was talking out loud, it meant they had his hands tied up. And that was enough to freak Rachel the fuck out, to put it bluntly.

    Rachel is a very…in the moment character. She murdered because she was afraid, had no information, and wanted some, and was promised a way of getting some if she did it. That was her reasoning, obviously. When they all got the motives, if someone had talked to her and tried to calm her down, tried to drag her out of her freakout, she wouldn’t have done it. She wouldn’t have killed anybody. If someone told her “it’s going to be okay, don’t…don’t worry, it could have been faked,” she would have believed them and used it as her mantra for the rest of the game. The propaganda she was getting wasn’t real. She’s fine, he’s fine, and they’ll be fine. No one did, though. No one tried to comfort her.

    Ruby and Cobalt were the main two characters that interacted with her. If she had a friends list, they’d be the two on it.

    Ruby first, then. Ruby was her friend Day 1. Obviously, she didn’t hate Ruby to start off. The rocked out and made sandwiches and shit. But Rachel…Rachel expects things from friends. She really hasn’t had a lot in her life (just Ross and the rest of the radio club, and they were all tight as hell. One of them was sad? SURPRISE PARTY TIME. Ross was sad? She’d call him up at midnight and talk to him on the phone while watchin each other through their windows – they faced each other.) so when she was freaking out over the motive, she instinctively expected a hand on her shoulder. When she realized Ross wasn’t there, she went down the list of people who’d do it. Ruby was the top of it. And…Ruby didn’t do it. To Rachel, that meant that they Obviously Weren’t Friends. When Ruby showed that she cared about her during the trial, Rachel was confused as hell.

    And Cobalt. Cobalt. Superblue was the friend Rachel needed. She reminded him a lot of Ross. A LOT OF ROSS. Sadly, she realized that AFTER she killed Dark and Dakota. (They had a night nighttime chat at 7:00pm. So, after it happened.) So to her, Cobalt is a little brother/Ross hybrid. And she wishes that she knew him a bit earlier.

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